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Window Cleaning

We clean all types of windows, up to three stories, as well as window screens, sills, glass doors, chandeliers, awnings and more! We clean your windows by hand with a mop and squeegee or with a water-fed pole and, for your added peace of mind, our team is trained, certified, licensed and insured.  As always, everyone is wearing a company uniform and a smile!

Roof Cleaning

Our trained experts clean roofs safely & efficiently using top-of-the-line equipment and state-of-the-art fall protection. Our professional and courteous teams are careful and respectful of your home and landscaping while protecting the integrity of your roof.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing, when done correctly, can enhance the curb appeal and overall appeal of your home.  Done incorrectly, it can lead to an sightly mess at least, or extensive damage at worse.  Our trained, certified professionals are able to clean driveways, parking lots, patios, decks, siding, stucco, sidewalks, sport courts and more.

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  • “They have been been providing the best kind of service at all of our locations.  The kind that gets done right and I don’t have to ever think about it except for once a month when I gladly approve their payment!  They make my job as a facilities manager so much easier.”

    Catherine . VCA Animal Hospitals
  • “They have been out to our house three times so far this year and each time I’m impressed with how efficient and friendly they are, even when its windy and pouring rain!  They got the job done right each time,  no matter what.  I appreciate that kind of work ethic.”

    Erik . N.E. Tacoma
  • “With 5 large condominium and 3 apartment complexes, my job can be hectic and chaotic to say they least.  But with the help of Cascade Building and Home Services at least the exterior maintenance of all of my communities a seamless smooth and organized process.  I never thought I would say that about a contractor!  But these guys know their stuff and make sure every stage of the process organized and easy to manage even from afar.  They use technology enabling me and whoever I choose to be able to see our calendars of up coming services and even billing history.  In addition we are able to request videos of jobs before during and after via their drone video monitoring service.  Like I said, these guys know their stuff.  I would definitely recommend them to any property or facilities manager.”

    Natalie . CBS Property Managment

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